About Us

The Process

To assist our clients in choosing the perfect flowers for their event, we provide a complimentary consultation at the venue.  We carefully walk each Bride through choosing color and floral palettes, and help to plan the look and feel of the ceremony and reception.  After a thorough consult, Tisa will provide a custom estimate that details the items discussed, and create a working budget for the floral decor. 

Tisa Zellers

Tisa began her design career while still in college studying for her B.A. in Philosophy.  This brief stint in a local flower shop sparked a lifelong love for flowers, and a desire to create lovely floral art.  She credits her extensive travels through Europe with informing her eye for good design composition.  Tisa’s career began in earnest when she went to work for Zen - a Rosewood company, and one of the first truly artistic floral design studios in Dallas.  She later became one of the first designers hired at AvantGarden, the finest florist in Dallas.  Most recently, Tisa has created beautiful weddings for Twigs, a delightful store in Fort Worth, specializing in unique gifts, flowers and succulents.  Her work has graced the pages of 360 West, PaperCity Dallas, D Magazine, and other notable publications.
The only thing more beautiful and inspiring than the gorgeous flowers Tisa has worked with are the amazing designers that she has been able to work alongside.  She has been blessed to work with some of the greatest designers in the country.  She credits Brian Bolke, Randy Wenz, Raegan McKinney, and Todd Fiscus with developing her skills and furthering her craft.